What are TiliaBuds?

Tilia.Earth is aiming to create a new, decentralized virtual economy. TiliaBuds will be distributed to all Tilia.Earth property holders in the form of cryptocurrency sent to the wallet associated with the NFT.

  • How does the TiliaBuds system work?

    TiliaBuds will be paid on a regular basis, directly to your Metamask wallet in the form of Matics. This is a test phase that will last three months (October 2022 to December 2022).

    TiliaBuds are calculated based on a Tiliascore that considers several key factors, including:

    - The initial purchaseminting price of the property

    - The architectural complexity of the building

    Term of service

What is Matic?

Matic is a cryptocurrency used on the Polygon blockchain. It is quite successful and is easily interchangeable with
dollars or euros on exchange platforms.