Our vision

We are a young start-up based in Geneva, Switzerland with a futuristic vision of tomorrow. Our goal is to simplify access to the new and exciting virtual universe, and thus give everyone the opportunity to be a part of it.

With us, you can easily purchase virtual real estate properties, without needing any prior knowledge of crypto, blockchains, or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). We will guide you through the process of purchasing your very own property in the metaverse.

  • Tiliaverse Marketplace

    In the Tiliaverse Marketplace, you can easily choose your desired
    property on our map that is based on the real world – choose your childhood home, your place of business, a popular landmark, or any of the properties listed in the marketplace, then purchase your first (or hundredth!) NFT using payment methods that are familiar to you – we make owning an NFT simple and fast.

  • Tiliaverse Metaverse

    Tiliaverse turns the real world into a virtual game where you can easily invest in NFTs as virtual property! Find your purchased properties in Tiliaverse, and participate in a new virtual economy linked to the blockchain.

    Through Tiliaverse, we want to create a solid community that opens up a whole field of possibilities. We are busy developing the Tiliaverse Metaverse. Join us now to be among the first to experience this incredible new universe.

  • Gianluca BOVE | COO

    Our Strategy Director is an accomplished executive with leadership experience in capital markets, corporate governance, and entrepreneurship.

  • Manon LOYACONO | CMO

    Our Marketing Director has extensive experience in the real estate sector in Switzerland and digital marketing.

  • Jérôme | CTO

    Our Technical Director is an experienced executive in the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and technology industries.

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