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All properties sold on our website are NFTs, which give you a location on Tilia.Earth Metaverse

The protocol used is Polygon.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are pieces of digital content linked to the blockchain, the digital database underpinning cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. No two NFTs are the same.  

When you buy a property from us, you receive an NFT. All properties sold on our website are NFTs, which give you a location on Tilia.EarthMetaverse. The protocol used is Polygon.   

  1. Visit the Tiliaverse Marketplace. Choose a property from the selection displayed and pay.
  2. Once we have received your payment, you will receive a message from us regarding your order with easy-to-follow instructions on creating your crypto wallet, where you will receive and keep your NFTs. The whole process only takes a few minutes, and we are always within reach to address your questions throughout the process.     

NFTs are transferrable. You can resell them as they may increase in value, just like real-world
properties. As we develop the Tilia.Earth Metaverse, owning a property will also allow you exclusive access to its features.  

Yes! Reach out to us and we will create your desired property. Property prices usually depend on several factors, just like real-world properties, so prices will vary.   

You can check on the Tilia.Earth Metaverse map if your desired property still has no owner in the metaverse. If it is already owned, you can view the property on OpenSea and make an offer
to the property’s owner.  

If you’re having second thoughts and want to return your property, maybe we can answer your
questions, so reach out to us. But if you really do change your mind, check out our refund policy here.  

Using the address of your property, you can view it on the Tilia.Earth Metaverse map. On the map, you
change the name displayed as the owner’s name and link your social media websites or your
real-life business websites.

You can also see the properties that you own in your wallet.   

Exciting things are coming! See our roadmap here . 

There are multiple ways to sell your properties.

  1. Your properties are displayed on the virtual world map ( When someone clicks on your property, they have a button to make an offer. What we suggest is that you create an account on linked to your wallet so that you will receive notifications by email if someone places an offer on one of your properties.
  2. You have the ability to list your properties for sale for a fixed price on any marketplace that supports the Polygon network. We usually tell our clients to use OpenSea, as it’s the most popular one. 

The price you set for a property is in Ether (the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network), and there is an equivalent in USD displayed for your convenience.

In both cases, you will receive some Ether in exchange for your NFTs. We will of course help you in the process of selling those Ethers for USD.

We understand that it’s not the most convenient way for our customers, and are already working to allow resale between customers directly in USD from the map. As soon as this feature is live, we plan to make it more appealing to buy properties from our early buyers rather than new properties.